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"Fine As Frog Hair" June 30, 2024

  Woo hoo! Having coffee with Stanley this morning! I love this little guy! Me: Hi Stanley! I’m so glad to see you. How are you? Stanley: Me? I’m as fine as frog hair! bahahahaha!!<choking on his coffee> Isn’t that hilarious? A frog who’s fine as frog hair? Me: <laughing> That is a funny saying. I wonder where it came from? Stanley: I don’t know but I laugh every time I hear it. It’s always funny to me that humans like to compare themselves to us critters. You know like “sick as a dog”, “being in a rat race”, busy as a bee”. Haha. And how about someone who is being “squirrely”? All of us critters are still scratching our heads about that one! Me: I never thought about it but you’re right Stanley! “Squirrely” is an interesting choice. I think we humans sometimes struggle finding the exact words to try to describe how we feel ourselves or about someone else. I’m thinking about what someone being called “squirrely” would be doing? Stanley: According to “

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