Stanley and the Bayou Critters are Moving With Us! May 23, 2021

 May 23, 2021

Me: Uh oh! Hi Stanley! I didn’t expect you back so soon. How are you?
Stanley: Well, I see you’re planning a wonderful brunch and didn’t invite me! Uh huh.
Me: <laughing> You know you’re always invited! I didn’t think you and the Frog Queen had returned from your camping trip yet. Did you have fun?
Stanley: We did! Actually, it was a nightmare in the beginning but once we checked into the local Holiday Inn things improved considerably! Woof! What a difference a warm comfy bed makes!
Me: <chuckling> So camping’s not in the cards for you two?
Stanley: Let’s just say it’s not something we want to go off and do on our vacation! Think about it! Our normal lifestyle is just like camping out. We sleep under the trees, go swimming(read skinny dipping) in the creek, cook out on a campfire, watch the stars and generally commune with nature all the time. It really wasn’t a “vacation away” for us. The best moments were when we were flying down the road on my motorcycle! Picture us singing “Born to Be Wild” at the top of our lungs and you’ll get the idea.
Me: Oh wow! You’re right. What made you want to go camping to begin with?
Stanley: <grinning> We just wanted to have some free time together. Away from prying eyes and gossipy mouths. You know?
Me: <smiling> Yes I do. So did you enjoy each other’s company?
Stanley: Yes. <smiling big> Yes we did. I’m so in love with that beautiful frog!
Me: Awww. That’s so sweet. And how does the Frog Queen feel about you?
Stanley: She says I’m her “magical” frog! And she means that in the best possible way. <grinning> Not as in “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince!” She says I’m already her Prince!
Me: Oh yay Stanley! I’m so happy to hear it went well. Why are you back so soon though? I expected you two to be gone for awhile. You know riding off into the wild blue yonder for big adventures together. I believe that’s what you said when you left?
Stanley: Oh I did! Then we got word, through the bayou critters, that you are moving to the beach and I wanted to hurry back so I could help out. And, get everyone ready to move!
We’re all so excited! We can’t wait to go to the beach and meet all the new critters there. Everyone’s making special gifts to take them so they’ll want to be friends with us.
Me: Oh wow Stanley! That’s so sweet. You two cut your vacation short just to come back and help us move?
Stanley: Yes. We did. Well that, and . . . <shyly looking down> I was afraid you might move without me. I didn’t want to come back and find you’d already gone.
Me: Oh Stanley. You really are an awesome, amazing, wonderful, smart, funny frog. I would never leave you. I hope you know this.
Stanley: Aw shucks! Me too. You know I’ll never leave you either right? <chuckling> We’re in this together. Wherever we’re going.


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