Stanley Got His Real Estate License! May 31, 2021

 May 31, 2021

Me: Hi Stanley! I missed you yesterday. I know it’s been a really busy time for us all. How are you?
Stanley: Wowza! It is a busy time! We’re all in a chatter down on the bayou! Everyone’s trying to decide who wants to go and who wants to stay. <whispering > Honestly, I think everyone wants to move because I’m going.
They say they’ll miss me! Doesn’t that just warm your heart?
Me: It does Stanley. I know you’re a strong community influence and keep things moving along and exciting on the bayou. I’m happy to hear everyone wants to come too!
Stanley: I told them we both wanted them all to come and now they have lots of questions I don’t know how to answer. I need your help please!
Me: Oh! Well, of course! How can I help?
Stanley: I have a list for you. Let’s grab a fresh cuppa and sit down. Are you good with that?
Me: Sure. <pours a new cup for us both>
Ask away!
Stanley: Where exactly are we moving to? Specifically about the type of terrain and housing availability.
Me: We’re moving to the coast. About 10 minutes from the ocean. We will have a much smaller yard but it will be fenced so everyone will be protected if they want protection. There is a large pond nearby, a smallish wooded area right behind our lot and we’ll plant lots of grasses and shrubs for multiple critter family living in our backyard. Will that work?
Stanley: Hmmm <stroking the smallish beard on his tiny chin I just now noticed> That sounds pretty good and will prolly cover everyone’s needs. Okay. Next question. Will there be alligators?
Me: I guess there could be but it’s prolly slim.
Stanley: Well darn! I keep having a dream of going bare-back riding on an alligator’s back as we swim rapidly down the river in pursuit.
Me: Oh! In pursuit of what Stanley?
Stanley: That’s just it! I never find out what we’re chasing. I always wake up!
Me: <laughing> That sounds fun Stanley! I’d love to hear more about your dreams. And, especially explore that one further. But first, we need to get all of us who want to go, moved. Anything I can help with?
Stanley: Well yes! Yes you can. I know you’ve been in real estate for a lot of years. I just got my license too <smiling big> and I could use some help listing all these properties on the bayou. Mind you, we all want top dollar and a fast sale. Will ya help me??
Me: <chuckling> Sure! And congratulations on getting your license! Those tests are tough to pass!
Stanley: Boy, you can say that again! But I had lots of help from the Frog Queen! You know she’s so smart and she’s been tutoring me. That’s how I finally passed the test and got my license. She’s simply the BEST! <sighs>
Me: Ah! I forgot about The Frog Queen having her real estate license. She’s got years of experience! Did you ask her to help you with everyone’s listings?
Stanley: Of course I did but I think I’d rather have your help.
Me: Oh really! Hmmm . . . I wouldn’t have guessed you’d choose my help over The Frog Queen’s help. That might not be a good strategic move Stanley. Especially since you’re in a relationship.
Stanley: Oh no! We don’t like to mix our business with our pleasure. <grinning> And besides, she’s going to charge me for her help!
Me: Oh! I see.


  1. I can't wait for the whole gang to join us down here in the coastal area. Yay!

  2. Stanley said to tell you he can't wait to see you all too! He wants to know how much room you have in your yard and what kind of living conditions for critters?? He's definitely in real estate scout mode! lol


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