Stanley Wants the Frog Queen to Be His One and Only! April 25, 2021

April 25, 2021

Me: Hi Stanley! How are you?
Stanley: I’m doing great! Good morning to you! I’m glad you’re here early. I have something I want to discuss with you.
Me: Okay. Should I sit down? This sounds important.
Stanley: <laughing> Well it is important but not in a bad way. I want to ask you for advice on how to get the Frog Queen to get more serious about me. I know she likes me but I’m not sure she’s ready to take the next step. What should I do?
Me: hmmm. Well, first let me ask what next step you’re referring too? Like just dating each other or getting married?
Stanley: Oh wow, NO! I don’t want to get married! What made you go there?
Me: Well, that’s often a next step for many relationships. That’s why I asked.
Stanley: I’m too young to get married. And, I’m definitely not ready to settle down and commit to one frog for the rest of my life.
Me: Uh huh. Okay. So what next step are you referring to?
Stanley: I want her to fall in love with me. You know. I want her to want me to be her “one and only”.
Me: Oh. Okay. I get it now. It sounds like you just want to make a commitment to date each other and no one else, right? Is she dating other frogs? And are you?
Stanley: Well, I’m always looking around you know. What healthy, good-looking, single frog isn’t? But, no I haven’t dated anyone else in a long time. She’s the “one” for me but I’m not sure I’m the “one” for her. I don’t really know how she feels about me but I don’t think she’s dating other frogs. Or, at least, I haven’t heard anything about that. And you know word gets around fast in the bayou. I think someone would have said something, don’t you?
Me: Yes. I’m guessing you would have been the first person they would want to share that with. <smiling> So, do you two talk? I mean about your relationship? Have you told her how you feel? Have you ever asked her how she feels about you?
Stanley: No, no. I’m scared to do that. What if she says no, she’s not interested.
Me: Well, she might. But wouldn’t you rather know?
Stanley: I’m not sure. Maybe. I think I would. Yes. I would. But I’m still afraid to ask her. I’m not even sure what to say. My tongue gets all tangled up when I try to talk with her about serious things.
Me: I think that happens to a lot of us when we want to talk about something that’s very close to our hearts Stanley. It can be a scary place. And, I think it shows a lot of courage when you do take that step, even if you’re scared.
Stanley: Okay. If I do decide to do it, what do you think I should say?
Me: I’d just be truthful and tell her what’s on your mind. And, it’s okay to tell her you’re scared about it too. Just be honest.
Stanley: Honest, huh? Okay. I’m going to do it. It’s time for me to “frog-up”, right? I’ll buy her flowers and take her to dinner, and ask her to dance! What do you think? That should WOW her, right?
Me: Yes! That should definitely do it! I’m so proud of you Stanley. Yay for you!
Stanley: Yes! Yay for me! I need to get going though. I have to find Rocky so he can teach me how to dance before tonight!
Me: Oh! hmmm. Rocky the raccoon??? Maybe you should skip the dance part Stanley.


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