Born to Be Wild with Stanley June 6, 2021

June 6, 2021

Me: Good morning Stanley! How are you?
Stanley: Me? I’m good. Thinking about “what is essential” means.
Me: Oh! That’s a pretty deep question for this early in the morning. I’m gonna need more coffee to ponder this!
Stanley: Me too, please. And, how about one of those savory scones you make too?
Me: <smiling> Of course! I’m curious to hear what you think is essential. A good heart? The love of your life? Friends and community? A good cup of coffee? A comfortable and safe place to live?
Stanley: <laughing out loud> Yes. Well, all of those things ARE essential, but I wasn’t exactly talking about from a life point of view.
Me: Oh. Sorry. What ARE you talking about then Stanley?
Stanley: <still chuckling> Actually, the Frog Queen and I are planning a quick road trip to the coast to scope things out and she thinks we need to buy a little motorcycle trailer to help carry our “essentials” with us. I’m not really seeing that as a “high priority” exactly.
Me: <laughing out loud> Oh I see! I went down a totally different path on that one, didn’t I? Hmmm. So, essentials for a trip to the coast then. How long are you planning to be gone?
Stanley: Just for the week. We’re leaving later this morning. I want to look around the area and maybe meet a few of the locals. You know I’ve been sending letters of intro to a few key critters down there, like King Crab and Stinky the Starfish. I’m interested to meet some of them and see where they live.
Me: Oh. Okay. I’m with you now. So, the Frog Queen needs to take a few more “essentials” than what will fit on your motorcycle, amirite?
Stanley: Yup! That’s right. She says for her, these are absolutely essential. The minimal she can travel with. But I feel like we’re taking on too much baggage, and I like the idea of traveling light and feeling the wind on my face and being free.
Me: Hmmm. So, there IS a little of a life question going on here then. If I’m understanding you right, you believe that adding a luggage carrier on the back of your motorcycle takes away some of your freedom to ride and enjoy yourself? Is that right?
Stanley: Yes! That’s right. You know the whole idea of a motorcycle is all about racing down life’s highway on two wheels! We’re “Born to Be Wild”, in Steppenwolf-speak.
Me: Ah. I see. It sounds like you two might be at an important crossroad in your relationship.
Stanley: Hmmm. So, this is about more than just “essentials” isn’t it?
Me: I think so.
Stanley: Okay.
Me: Do you know what you want to do?
Stanley: Yes. I think so. She’s my Queen and the “love of my life” – I’m going to look at motorcycle trailers. Maybe she’ll let me unhook it and park it when we get there. And maybe we can turn up the sounds and sing loud while we’re riding down the road so I can still imagine it. <saunters off whistling, “Dancing Queen” by Abba>
Me: <to myself> I think Stanley is smarter than the average frog.


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