Stanley: A Hermit or a Hero? April 19, 2021

 April 19, 2021  Sundays on the Porch with Stanley (on Monday)

Sunday’s on the Porch with Stanley (on Monday)
Me: Hi Stanley! I missed seeing you yesterday. Is everything okay?
Stanley: Yes. It’s better now. I tried the “hermit” thing but decided it wasn’t for me after all.
Me: The “hermit” thing? I would love to hear more about this if you feel like sharing.
Stanley: The short version is I decided to become a hermit yesterday and by 5pm I decided it really wasn't for me but I got what I needed out of it.
Me: Oh. I see. I think. Well, I’m glad to see you here this morning. You know I would always support you in whatever you felt was right for you but I really missed you yesterday too. I’m curious why you decided to become a hermit though.
Stanley: Well, don’t laugh, but I was talking with the Frog Queen the other night and we were reviewing our relationship and discussing ways to keep it interesting and engaging. She brought up something about “absence making the heart grow fonder”. Do you know about that? Anyway, I thought about it for awhile and decided to test it out and see if it worked.
Me: Oh! I get it now but I’m not sure a day is enough time for a true test, is it? And, becoming a hermit might not be what you are going for. Isn’t that more of a lifestyle choice?
Stanley: Well, a day was long enough for me! I missed her right away. Just thinking I might not see her for awhile was enough to make my heart grow fonder, so I would say it worked, wouldn’t you? <wink-wink> Some of us can run through these types of tests a lot quicker you know. We don’t need weeks or months to figure it out.
Me: Oh right! Of course, that’s true. I get it now. I don’t get the part about saying you wanted to be a hermit though. Did you miss all the rest of us too? You have lots of family and friends who really love you and enjoy your company. If you became a hermit, we would all miss you Stanley. Would you miss us?
Stanley: Well, sure I would! But, we don’t have to worry about that now, do we? I wanted to be a hermit because it’s sort of romantic in a “tragic” sort of way. Just think of all the famous hermits or recluses we’ve had in our history and in literature. Being a hermit makes people more curious about you, I think.
Me: Ah! Okay, I think I see what you’re going for now. And, being a hermit is certainly one lifestyle choice to take, but there are several others you might consider that will also bring you fame.
Stanley: hmmm. Like what?
Me: How about being a hero? There are probably a lot more heroes who are famous and fondly remembered in our history and in literature than there are hermits.
Stanley: Oh yes! That’s a great suggestion! Thank you so much! Okay, I’m off! You might not see me for a few days while I go figure out how to be a hero, but then, you know I’ll be back! Right?
<Stanley hops up and heads off muttering something about needing to get online first and order a cape >
Me: hmmm I love this crazy frog. He doesn’t realize he’s already a hero, does he?
<grinning to myself>


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