Stanley Puts a Spin on the Egg Hunt! April 4, 2021

 April 4, 2021

Me: Good morning Stanley! What are you doing today?
Stanley: Good morning! I’m sitting here pondering my life and thinking I’m an incredibly lucky frog! It’s very beautiful here. Spring might be my favorite time of the year! You know why?
Me: <smiling> No, why?
Stanley: It’s the LOVE season! Everyone is happy and more hopeful. They have a “spring” in their step. It’s a time for new growth and new ideas to “spring” forth! <giggle> Everything’s turning green again! And, green’s my favorite color! lol Get it? Green.
Me: <laughing>. Yes. I get it. I love all the “spring green” too. You know I’m all about color. Nothing delights me more than seeing the beautiful bursts of color all over the yard as the flowers bloom.
S: ikr? This morning we had an egg hunt for all the kids, and it was so fun to run around and look for those little pops of colored eggs everywhere. And, guess what? I found the most eggs!
Me: Really? I thought you said the egg hunt was for the kids.
Stanley. Ahem, well, it was. But have you ever gotten so excited about finding things that you just can’t stop yourself and you start hopping around like a crazy frog yelling “I found another one!” And the thrill of success makes you want to find more so you keep doing it! Then before you know it, you have a full basket, and you look up and everyone’s standing around staring at you!
Me: hmmm. Did they have any eggs in their baskets or did you find them all???
Stanley: Well, in my defense, I put a good spin on it.
Me: Oh really. I’m trying to figure out how. Please do tell.
Stanley: Well, first off, you can imagine my chagrin when I realized what I had done. Some of the little ones looked so sad too. You should have seen their faces.
Me: Yes. I’m getting the visual.
Stanley: So, I had to think quick and hope one of those new ideas would “spring” out of me! Lucky for me, it did! I told them all to cover their eyes and turn their backs and not peek! Then I went around and hid all the eggs again so this time “they” could find them. <nodding and smiling at me>
Me: Uh huh. And how exactly is that putting a good spin on this?
Stanley: Well, that’s the best part you see. You know how much I love green, right? Well, I put a little bit of green with each egg! Isn’t that a cool “spring” idea?
Me: A little bit of green, like what? Did you put leaves with each egg? Or grass?
Stanley: No! I had a bunch of dollar bills in my pocket, and I put one with each egg. Get it? A little bit of “spring” green!
Me: Oh, I get it now! That’s an expensive fix though, isn’t it Stanley?
Stanley: Well, not really. It was worth it. You should have seen the “spring’ in their steps as they all started finding the eggs with the dollar bills. They were yelling out with delight “I found another one!” It was a “great, green, spring spin!” amirite?
Me: <nodding and laughing> You are such a crazy wonderful frog Stanley.


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