Stanley is Still Missing! Monday Update! March 22, 2021

 Monday Update!  March 22, 2021

Please be on the lookout for Stanley on his motorcycle!
(I think he could look similar to the photos below although these are not Stanley photos)
My thanks to all of you who read about Stanley’s disappearance yesterday and expressed your concern for his welfare. Sadly, Stanley has still not appeared, and I have not heard from him.
I do have a few updates from his friends.
Rocky Raccoon came up to have a beer and snacks with me yesterday afternoon. (Thank you for the reminder from friend
Margit Selvey
, to remember to “grease his lips” for more information!) Rocky said he saw Stanley on Saturday night when they all met down by the lake with friends for a BBQ and trash picking. He said Stanley was in fine spirits and very happy about his new motorcycle. (I didn’t know Stanley’s new motorcycle had arrived already. He just ordered it last week!) Rocky said they finished up around midnight and he waved goodbye to Stanley as he zoomed up the road to home. So now we know he was last seen on his new motorcycle!
I talked with Earlene and the kids this morning. Earlene said they haven’t seen Stanley since last week when he was helping Freddy Mack with his girlfriend issues. “Stanley was happy and talking up a storm.” Earlene said. She suspects foul play. “It’s not like Stanley to just disappear, you know. He doesn’t like to miss anything. Ever.”
Hank Hawk offered the most helpful information. He did a fly-about the area and said he saw a motorcycle parked out by an abandoned barn a few blocks over. He didn’t think much about it until I told him what Rocky had to say. He’s going back to investigate today and see if it’s Stanley’s motorcycle and have a look-see around the barn.
And last, but not least, the bayou critters are thinking of ways to raise money for the ransom just in case we hear from the kidnappers. A few critters suggested a bake sale or some type of sports event, but they also noted that with it being just on the other side of winter every one’s food stores are pretty slim. I offered friend
Laurie Waitz
’s suggestion about an hors de oeuvres "tasting" event and they thought that might be doable. I offered to help out, of course. I think we are going to meet this afternoon to put something together.
I’ll keep you all posted as soon as I know more. Thank you so much for everyone's concern and best wishes. If Stanley is pulling one of his shenanigans, I'm going to be very relieved and also really mad at him!


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