Latte Meets Stanley March 14, 2021

 March 14, 2021

Previously . . .
Latte: Hey Mom, there’s a frog out back who says he’s in charge. Do you know about him?
Me: lol Yes. I do. That would be Stanley. He’s a hoot and fun to know. You’ll meet him on Sunday if you’d like. He comes up to the deck for coffee.
Stanley: Well, good morning young Latte! It’s so nice to meet you! I've heard a lot about you.
Latte: Hi Stanley! Me too! All the critters out back have been asking if I’d met you yet. I’m glad to put a face to the legend. lol
Me: <laughing> Legend? Haha! Good morning Stanley. I thought this might be a good time for you two to meet. Why don’t you both get to know each other a bit while I make a fresh pot of your favorite coffee.
Stanley: That sounds wonderful. Thank you. Latte, I heard you’ve had a lot of adventures! I’d love to hear about them.
Latte: Well, I guess they were adventures, but it was so cold and wet at times, it’s hard to think about those as fun. I was sure happy to get picked up and put in a warm car. And, <leaning in and whispering> you know I’ve got it made here with these two. They feed me all the time and I’m warm and have lots of beds all over the house. I think I landed in a beautiful princess castle. I’m a lucky girl.
Stanley: <smiling> Yes. I agree. I think you did. And you are a beautiful princess! I’m so glad you are here. I must tell you, at first, all the critters were alarmed when they saw you. They came running to me saying there was a lion in our bayou! Of course, I knew there couldn’t be a lion, but I have to say you do look a lot like a lion. A miniature one, but still a lion. Can you roar?
Latte: Who me? No! No roars from me. Although I can bark rather good when I want to. Maybe I can practice and learn to roar?
Stanley: <laughing> Well, you know, I could see how a roar might come in handy someday. I’ll help you if you want.
Latte: Oh yes! I’d love to be able to roar. I may take you up on that. I want to hear everything about you Stanley. How did you become the king of the backyard bayou?
Stanley: Well, I’d like to tell you it’s because I’m so wise, but really, it’s because I like all critters and l love big parties and get togethers. So, I plan a lot of things and that puts me in charge of most of them.
Latte: Oh, that’s funny! I hear music and laughter a lot out here at night. I’ve wondered what’s going on. In the mornings when I come out and look around, there are lots of fun mementos left around for me to sniff. It’s always a glorious morning for me after the music has played all night. All those new smells. You know that’s like being at Disneyland for a dog.
Stanley: <nodding his head> Uh huh! I can see how that would be very enticing to a young dog. What kinds of mementos have you found? Anything I need to know about? <wink-wink>
Latte: Well, this morning, there were lots of candy wrappers and I found one ice cream container and a big pile of acorns. Did someone have a birthday party with a piƱata?
Stanley: <laughing> As a matter of fact, we did celebrate a birthday last night! Mrs. Raccoon had a litter of 8 last year and they all turned two this year! That was our early event. Then several of us got together for a poker game later. It was an extremely rewarding night for me!
Latte: I’m guessing that means you won?
Stanley: Yes. I did. And the gang from down the hill is still chasing me. They want a rematch now. I might have to do that. Give them a chance to win back their money. Or, even better, win more of theirs. <wink-wink> What do you think? Do you know how to play poker young lady?
Latte: No, but I’d love to learn! Will you teach me?
Stanley: Sure! You know what young lady, I have a plan. <puts his arm around Latte and is walking her down to the yard> Let’s work on your roar first, okay?
Me: <coming out the door with fresh coffee and goodies> Well, I see you two hit it off just fine. Where did you go? It looks like I’ll just have to eat these fresh donuts myself.
Stanley’s voice is heard from far away: Donuts??? Did I hear donuts? Come on Latte, we’ll work on your roar later.


  1. Loving the antics of Stanley and all his critter friends!!!

    1. Stanley says thank you! He loves that you like his critter friends too! Thanks!


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