Stanley's Thoughts on Aging and Confidence February 7, 2021

February 7, 2021

Good morning Stanley! Wow! Look at your cap! Is that new?
Stanley: Good morning. Yes, it is! Don’t you love it! Did you notice I’m wearing it backwards? All the cool frogs do!
Me: <laughing> Yes! I do see that. It looks genuinely nice on you! And you do look very cool! That’s how Simone likes to wear her cap. Especially when she’s in her studio working.
Stanley: That’s where I got the idea! She looks cool and so confident about what she’s doing when she has her cap on like this.
Me: hmmm I hadn’t thought about it giving off an air of confidence, but you may be on to something. I’ll have to ask her.
Stanley: I also think confidence has something to do with age. I know you just had a birthday. On Groundhog's Day too! Wasn’t that fun! lol Would you say you are more confident now that you’re older? Does confidence come with age?
Me: <smiling> Older huh? Well, that’s an interesting idea to ponder. I’m not sure. I know some young people, like my grandchildren, seem to have a lot of confidence if they are doing something they enjoy and feel good about. So, I’m not sure if age guarantees confidence. For me, it’s not that I feel more confident about things as I get older. <ahem> It’s more that my success or failure at something isn’t as important. I find I'm more interested in the experience of it. Success or failure doesn’t matter as much. Does that sound crazy?
Stanley: Well, a little bit, but I’m used to that with you. <laughing> For me, getting older has brought more confidence but I think maybe it’s because I have more experience with things and know what to expect. Or, at least I feel more prepared if I get surprised; more confident I can handle things.
Me: hmmm That’s an interesting idea too. So maybe with experience, age does play a part. How old are you anyway Stanley?
Stanley: I’m 5 years old in frog years. That’s probably equivalent to around 35 years old in people years. We frogs count our years like dogs do. We have about 7 years of maturity in each year, comparatively. A 7:1 ratio to your 1:1 human ratio.
Me: <laughing> Oh! I hadn’t thought about frog years being like dog years and ratios. So, you’re like 35 years old in my world? How long do frogs normally live?
Stanley: The life span of most “common” frogs is 10-12 years on an average. <grinning big> But you know I’m not a common frog, right?
Me: <laughing> Yes. I do know that! There’s definitely nothing “common” about you Stanley. Do you know Kermit the Frog? The one on Sesame Street? He lived until 1990! He would have been alive for over 35 years. But he wasn’t a common frog either. IMHO (in my humble opinion).
Stanley: Yes. I’ve heard about Kermit. He was a real movie star wasn’t he! Way before my time, but legendary in frog circles. Maybe someday I’ll be famous like him. <wink-wink>
Me: I think you just might Stanley. At least a “legend in your own mind!” lol
Stanley: <ahem> You know my birthday’s coming up soon?
Me: No! Really? When is it?
Stanley: It’s on Grand Frog’s Day!
Me: You made that up, didn’t you?
Stanley: Yes.


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