Stanley's in Love! February 21, 2021

 February 21, 2021

Stanley: There you are! I’ve been waiting for you! Coffee this morning is extra delicious! Thank you!
Me: lol I’m so glad you like it! It’s great to see you Stanley! How are you?
Stanley: I’m doing so good it’s almost unbelievable!
Me: Oh wow! That’s great to hear. Tell me what’s made you so happy!
Stanley: It’s not any one thing, it’s just this. <points his arms around to the backyard> Just look at this weather! Blue sky and the sun is shining, and the daffodils are already blooming. Spring is on its way and the world feels new again. This might be my favorite time of the year!
Me: Wow! I’m a bit surprised but I love hearing this. The daffodils are totally out this morning and they are gorgeous. I love them too. You almost sound like a frog “in love” Stanley! Hmm?
Stanley: <blushing> Well, I didn’t know I was so obvious. Lol But yes! I am in love!
Me: That’s awesome! I’m a bit confused though. I thought you were already in love with the Frog Queen.
Stanley: I am in love with the Frog Queen! And now I think she’s finally in love with me! I’ve been courting her for years, you know, and now I’m winning her over. She’s so gorgeous and beautiful and so sophisticated, don’t you think? <looking starry-eyed>
Me: <laughing and smiling> Yes. Yes, I do. She’s also a wonderful Queen. If you two get together would that make you the Frog King?
Stanley: Hmmm? I’m not sure but I’m guessing it would, right?
Me: I really don’t know. I’m not too familiar with frog royalty and how all that works. Have you two discussed it?
Stanley: Well, Queenie, that’s my pet name for my beautiful lady, hasn’t said a lot about it. But then, um . . . we haven’t really spent much time talking, if you catch my meaning. <wink-wink>
Me: <nodding and smiling> I do. And I’m very happy for you Stanley. I know you’ve been trying to win her over for a long time. So, I’m glad to hear you’ve been successful!
! What do you think changed?
Stanley: Well, I think she just couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m a handsome frog you know. And I can be quite charming. I’m a good listener too, right? And, I bring her beautiful gifts all the time to remind her I’m thinking about her.
Me: Well, that all sounds wonderful and very thoughtful, but haven’t you been doing this all along?
Stanley: Hmmm Yes, I have. Maybe I’m more attractive to her now? I did learn to play the banjo and I’ve been writing love songs to her. Maybe that did it. Last night I played for her and sang the songs I wrote. I sang my heart out for her.
Me: Ah! I see now. You brought some heart into it. That might have done it Stanley. You did good my friend. <grinning>
Stanley: Thank you! I’m so happy I find myself smiling all the time. It’s always been fun to be in love, but it’s even better to be loved back. Don’t you think?
Me: Yes. Yes I do. I love your heart Stanley.


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