Stanley Talks About His Family January 17, 2021


January 17, 2021

Sundays on the Porch with Stanley
Me: Good afternoon Stanley! I’ve been waiting to talk with you!
Stanley: You have! That’s so nice to hear. How are you today?
Me: I’m doing great, but I want to know how you are? And more importantly, I want to ask you about these photos. Someone left them on the porch for me earlier this week. Was it you?
Stanley: Oh wow! No, not me. I wonder who took those pictures? Someone must have been spying on us.
Me: Spying on you? Who are they? Is this your family Stanley? Are they here? Are these your children? Was this a secret?
Stanley: <laughing> No! Slow down please. This is my sister and her children. Remember the spit test I mailed in to find out about my ancestors? The one you thought was so hilarious. Well, my sister, Erlene, found me through that website. These are her children. Aren’t they adorable? I was so surprised and happy to know I have a family and I’m an uncle! Can you believe it?
Me: <laughing too> Well, my goodness no. Uncle Stanley! What a great surprise! This is great news Stanley. And did they just show up? How did Erlene know where to find you?
Stanley: Remember I’m pretty popular. <grinning> I know. Seriously, once we connected on the website, I told her where I live, and it turns out she and the kids just live around the corner. Erlene was so happy to find she has a brother too!
Me: This is very cool Stanley. Did the two of you find any other siblings or family in the area?
Stanley: Not yet, but we think there must be more of us around. Some of them might not be as knowledgeable about the internet you know. It’s not a normal thing for a frog to know about.
Me: Well, that’s really true. In fact, you’re lucky Erlene was on there, right?
Stanley: Yes! She said she’s been taking classes online to get her degree and just decided it’d be fun to find out more about her ancestors. Can you believe it? Think about it. One frog that gets on the internet and sends in his DNA is kind of unheard of, you know, but two of us? And we’re related? That’s some odds don’t you think?
Me: You have no idea Stanley; how really odd this is. In fact, I bet there are very few frogs anywhere in the world who get on the internet and probably NO other frogs who’ve sent in their DNA for testing. I’d even put money on that!
Stanley: Oh really, how much are you thinking? And I want to know who took those pictures and gave them to you? I’ve been spied upon! I need to go. Thanks for the coffee!
Me: Wait, Stanley! I have more questions . . ..


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