Stanley is Painting Portraits for His Friends for Christmas December 13, 2020

 Sundays on the Porch with Stanley   December 13, 2020

Me: Happy Sunday Stanley! I see you decided to join me in the studio. How are you?
Stanley: I am wonderful! I’m so excited about our Jolly Holly Gift Exchange this year. Can I use some of your paints to make a few gifts?
Me: <laughing> Well sure you can. Do you know what you want to paint? I don’t think I’ve seen you this excited before.
Stanley: I know huh? This has been such a crazy year. Everyone is ready to celebrate and have some fun! I drew five names last night for the gift exchange.
Me: <laughing> Five? You’re going to make five paintings?
Stanley: Yup! Won’t that be fun? We’d better get started! I’ve got a lot of painting to do! <grinning>
Me: Yes! Yes you do! Do you know what you want to paint for each one?
Stanley: I do. I asked each of them for a photo of themselves. I want to do portraits for them. You know. Those wonky ones like you do.
I'm thinking they might be so good that people will want to buy them and then I can donate the money to my favorite charity. What do you think?
Me: Well. You've totally managed to surprise me again Stanley. I think that's a grand idea! But what about the gift part for the critters you drew names for in the gift exchange? Will they be disappointed?
Stanley: Oh no! They will be so excited! We always do a big auction of the gifts we all receive and donate the money to wildlife preservation. You know that saying about what goes around comes around? Well, this comes right back to us the way we are all thinking? Right? And I bet my paintings will be so good they'll prolly bring a lot of money in the auction! No one has every done paintings before. That's why I'm so excited!
Me: Wow Stanley! Well, this is certainly ambitious but I'm game! Let's do it! Painting! wonky portraits will be fun.
Here’s the photos Stanley is using for his paintings!
Please give him a vote of encouragement. He’s a pretty crazy,
I mean courageous frog!
In fact, he says if any of you artists or wanna-be artists want to draw/paint along with him, we could have an even bigger auction and a really fun art show to share everyone’s work!
Please feel free to post below!
Everyone's invited to join in the fun! Kids and adults and other critters. And please feel free to create your own portraits of any critters or wildlife. This will be soooooo much fun! Right Stanley?
Stanley? Oh I see Stanley is already at the easel.


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