Stanley is Enjoying the Holidays December 20, 2020

 Sundays on the Porch with Stanley December 20, 2020

Stanley: Good morning! Good morning! Where are you?
Me: Are you calling me? Coming! I’m here now! How are you?
Stanley: I’m wonderful today! Really wonderful!
Me: That’s awesome to hear Stanley. Did something special happen to make your day so wonderful?
Stanley: Nothing special. I just really love this time of the year. It’s so fun and most critters are happily going about their preparations for the year end, the solstice, the holidays and winter’s approach.
Me: Oh right! Yes. That’s a lot to do and to celebrate and feel wonderful about. I agree. It’s my favorite time of the year as well. What kinds of things are you doing Stanley?
Stanley: Well, you know, besides the regular stuff, like gifts and surprises for others and stocking up my larder for the winter, I’m also enjoying some contemplative time for me.
Me: hmmm Well, that’s an interesting turn Stanley. I’d love to hear more if you feel like sharing. What are you contemplating?
Stanley: Well, since things quiet down early out in the bayou now, I have more time to sit and think about things. You know, like life and stuff like that.
Me: Uh huh. Life? Well, that’s a biggie. Please go on.
Stanley: Well, I try to think about what I accomplished during the year and then what things I would like to do better next year and maybe new stuff I’d like to try. You know, like what’s on my bucket list sort of stuff. Don’t you do something like this yourself?
Me: Well, I do. I write in my journals a lot and I also think, write and paint about things that were significant to me during the year as a sort of recap. It helps me have a better perspective on things when I do it as a recap and I’m distanced from it a bit.
Stanley: Me too! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! I have several pages written already. I’m titling it Notable, Outstanding, Remarkable, Momentous, Extraordinary Things 2020! Don’t you love the title? Lol
Me: Yes! <laughing> That’s quite a title. It looks like you pretty well covered it, didn’t you?
Stanley: Well, it has been an “unprecedented” year! amirite? <laughing> I heard that’s one of the words most used in 2020. Unprecedented. I like that. I like it when new things are happening. Unparalleled things. Out of the ordinary. Unusual. World-changing type things.
Me: <nodding my head> Yes. I can see how these words are exciting. Although for a lot of people this year, 2020, has been exceedingly difficult. So much has happened and many of those words have had a more negative meaning. I think most folks are ready to be done with 2020.
Stanley: Well, so am I! And, that’s some of what I was thinking about too. I feel bad for those who have had a difficult and painful year. And I also realized not everything that happened in 2020 was bad. In fact, there were a lot of good things that came out of 2020, that were also “unprecedented”. Would you agree?
Me: I would. And I’m delighted you are thinking this way too. In my journaling, I’m surprised at how many good things came and are still coming out of the challenges of 2020. One biggie. I think people overall have become more focused on seeing and caring about others.
Stanley, Yes! I would agree. It’s been nice to see that happening. And I think 2021’s going to be an equally interesting year. I can hardly wait. I have a lot of fun things on my list for 2021 already.
Me: Oh yay Stanley! Do tell! What’s on your list so far?
Stanley: I thought you’d never ask! <pulls out a long page of written items> For starters, and keep in mind, this falls under the heading of “Caring for Others”, I’d like to set up an afternoon wine and cheese for everyone. We do this now, but only on occasion. We’d like to see this happen on a weekly basis. And then I’d like to negotiate for more Critter Crunch down by the bridge and Grandfather Tree. I know you put some out by the mushroom stump but the critters to the south aren’t getting to that as quickly as the critters who live up by the grand manor. And then . . .
Me: Stanley, did you plan this whole conversation? Did you have this agenda coming in? Have I been “herded”?
Stanley: Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. <smiling big like only a frog can do>
Merry Christmas to all!


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