Stanley's Baking Pies for their Gratitude Celebration November 25, 2020

 November 25, 2020 - Day before Thanksgiving

Look who showed up and wants to take over my kitchen!
Stanley says he wants to make 5 pies for their Gratitude Celebration tomorrow and Saturday and needs my help!
“What kind of pies?” I asked.
Grinning, Stanley says “I’m making two of my traditional Firefly Pecan, two Shoo Fly pies with real flies and a delicious Apple Crumble Pie with walnuts.”
“Does the Apple Crumble have bugs in it too?” I asked.
“Well, it is a crumble, so it’s sort of an insect combination with nuts and other things. You know what I mean?”
Me: Oh my!
Except for the bugs involved, I’m pretty impressed. Aren’t you?


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