Stanley Helps Out with the Spell Checker in the Sky!

November 8, 2020

Stanley: Good Morning! What are you doing?

Me:  I’m trying to finish posting a response on Facebook.  One minute. I’ll be right with you.

Stanley:  Okay. But one whole minute?  It takes you that long?

Me:  Well, every single time I try to type “I love it!”  The spell checker in the sky, who makes up words for me, corrects it to “I live it!”  It makes me so mad.  I’ve told it numerous times, when I’m typing this, always default to Love, not Live!   But it doesn’t listen.  I think this thing has gotten even worse than it was before.

Stanley:  Well, you look like you’re ready to throw your phone over the side of the deck.  Maybe you should take a moment and breathe???  Maybe have a sip of coffee, yes?

Me:  It is so frustrating.  I correct it to Love and then it corrects it to Live right as I hit the button to post it.  Then I have to do it all over again.  We do this dance over and over. Why doesn’t it get it and stop changing it?  Aren’t these things supposed to be smart?  Or at least get smarter as we go along together?

Stanley:  <Takes a breath and sits back in his chair with his arms in a thoughtful pose>   Hmm.  So just to be sure I have this straight, you are mad at something in the sky that you think makes up words for you and keeps changing your typed word Love to Live?  And, you are under the impression that the longer you “two” work together, it should get smarter?  amirite?

Me:  <silence>

Stanley:  And, don’t you think maybe Love and Live have a similar meaning anyway.  Just sayin’.  <big grin>



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