Update on The Case of the Missing Wet Glove Interviews with Critters of Interest October 21, 2020

 October 21, 2020

"The Case of the Missing Wet Glove!"
UPDATE from Inspector Stanley Frogee
Short version: Stanley has begun his investigation and interview process. Interviews for yesterday and today are posted with each photo. Stanley does not believe the ransom note is from the perpetrator of my wet right glove. He believes this was a gang of rogue raccoons that thought they could take advantage of the hullaballoo and get more food. He also walked the total property and did not find my glove. Since there's been no follow-up to the ransom note from yesterday, Stanley decided we shouldn't play into their hand. Especially since we aren't clear about what they want? We'll find out if anything crazy happens after our noon deadline. It's a risk we're willing to take. I hope it's not a BIG mistake.
Side Note: Stanley admitted the empty gin bottle was his. He was hoping to throw that into the mash and possibly get more gin. He says he absolutely did not take my glove. Should I believe him? Read the interviews below to see what you think?
Second side note: I did put out more Critter Crunch, just in case.

1st Interview with Honey Hummingbird: Honey says she did hear a lot of arguing the night my glove disappeared, but did not exactly see who took it. She thought there might have been a poker game going on at the time. She says Stanley was enjoying his gin.

2nd Interview: Troll by the bridge - Troll admitted he was in on the poker game initially but lost all his coins and decided to leave early. Later in the night there were two masked figures asking permission to cross the bridge. He wasn't feeling generous so he denied them access. They decided to walk around anyway and he thinks they left the property around 4am. He did not see my glove on either one of them but noted they both had on dark hoodies ( the kind with a tummy pocket) so it's possible one of them could have had my wet glove tucked in there. He went on to note he did not see a wet spot near the tummy pockets. Personal note from Stanley: I do not think these two are our perpetrators. I believe they were trying to get in on the poker game but decided we were too good for them to win.

3rd Interview with Fat Cat: Fat Cat said he was sleeping and didn't see anything, hear anything or talk to anyone. He could be lying. What does he have to gain?

4th Interview with Sammy the Snail and Baby Frog: These two are like bosum buddies. They even finish each other's sentences. Neither of them saw or heard anything. They were binge watching a new Netflix series and didn't want to be disturbed. Sammy did comment that Hopper the grasshopper was acting strange this morning. As if he was hiding something maybe??

Last interview this morning: Laughing Buddha and I had a great talk. He just laughed and laughed about this and all the things happening in the yard bayou. He thinks we are all taking ourselves way too seriously and need to just chill. I'm going to take Buddha's advice the take the afternoon off. I'll report back again tomorrow. Please replace my gin bottle when you have time. And, I could use more limes. <wink-wink>


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