Whooty the Owl and Friends Move Into the Neighborhood September 27, 2020

September 27, 2020

Sunday’s on the Porch with Stanley
Me: Wowza Stanley! You look really awesome in your new sweats!
Stanley: <beaming> (he’s all proud)
Me: How are you today? Besides being warmer?
Stanley: I’m wonderful. And really enjoying this chocolate piƱon coffee. <contented sigh>
Did you know someone new moved into the neighborhood?
Me: <surprised> No. Who is it?
Stanley: That’s exactly who it is!
Me: Who?
Stanley: <laughing> Whooty the Owl!
Me: Oh, you’re being funny Stanley. Whooty the owl has moved in?
Stanley: Yes. And he brought a few friends with him.
Me: I thought owls were very territorial?
Stanley: Well, I don’t think that applies to Whooty. I suspect he’s not your normal everyday owl.
Me: Well, no. I guess that wouldn’t be the case if he moved here. Who else came with him?
Stanley: Well, I didn’t catch all the names but there is Curious Owl, and she sounds a bit eccentric but funny. And there’s Serious Owl. He hooted in earnest for most of the night. And then there’s a fourth one that has a crazy wild hoot. That one seems to be easily excitable!
Me: Oh my! It sounds like you had an interesting night out here.
Stanley: We did! They were so happy to be here and partied hard until the wee hours of the morning. None of us got any sleep!
Me: Oh no! What did you do?
Stanley: Well, everyone looks to me for guidance you know. So, they asked me to call an emergency council meeting.
Me: Really?
Stanley: Yes. And everyone wanted to come and share their concerns.
Me: Well, that’s very adult-ish, Stanley! Were the newcomers also given time to speak?
Stanley: Of course they were. But remember I said they were also busy “throwing it down”!
Me: And the outcome was?
Stanley: Who wants to miss out on all that fun! We all voted immediately to join in and welcomed them to the neighborhood in true boogaloo style.
(Stanley - sauntering back out to the yard singing “Let the Music Play” by Shannon)
Stanley: Oh, and you might want to get those yard guys back out. There’s quite a happy mess down here.


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