Stanley Orders a New Sweat Suit Online to Stay Warm September 20, 2020

 September 20, 2020

Sunday’s on the Porch With Stanley
Me: Good Morning Stanley.
How are you this morning!
Stanley: Brrr! It’s really cold out here this morning. Besides that though, I’m fine as frog hair!
Me: <laughing> That’s funny. Frogs don’t really have hair do they?
Stanley: Well no! Duh! Do you see any hair on me?
Me: No, no I don’t.
I wonder why people say that then?
Stanley: I’ve often pondered that myself. Other animal similes that are used at least make some sense. Like “busy as a bee”, or “sicker than a dog”, or “eating like a pig”. They at least have some association to the reference.
Me: Well, “fine as frog hair” is totally the opposite. Your skin is so slick and smooth.
Stanley: Yeah baby! It is. Although I prefer “sleek and shiny”. And, I’m so glad you’ve noticed! <wink-wink>
Me: lol Well, your beautiful “sleek and shiny” skin is going to get cold this winter. Don’t frogs usually hibernate?
Stanley: We do. At least most of us do. But as you’ve noted more than once, I’m not your “usual” frog. So, I’m going to get online and order some sweatpants today.
Me: <laughing out loud> No way. You’re really going to go online and order sweat pants for this winter?
Stanley: Ya! I am. As soon as I take a little dip in the hot tub to warm up. This place is really like a frog heaven you know?
Me: Oh my!
Stanley: And next Sunday, I’d like you to please add a little of that Bailey’s to my coffee like you put in yours this morning. If you don’t mind.


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