Stanley is Crowned the Southern Cookie, Cake and Bacon Delight's Frog King! October 18, 2020

 October 18, 2020

Sunday’s on the Porch with Stanley

Me: Good morning Stanley!  How are you?

Stanley: Since you were running late, I decided to come on in and get more coffee myself.  I also smelled something delicious coming from your kitchen.  What are you making?

Me:  <smiling> Sorry. I am running late.  Glad you came on in though.  I’m making “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies”.  There was a recipe online from a famous chef this morning. 

Stanley:  Oh yum!  If you don’t mind a coffee refill and one of those cookies that just came out of the oven, I’ll tell you about the time I was voted Best Chef in the Southern Cookie, Cake and Bacon Delights Contest.

Me:  Oh wow!  You were a famous chef, Stanley???  That is so cool!  Please, do tell!

Stanley:  Well, you know I’m a southern frog, right?  And, we southerners, we love to show off our baking skills.  The more elaborate, the better!  Like, why make a 3-layer cake when we can make a 12-layer “knock your socks off” cake, right?

Me:  <laughing>  Yes!  I do know about that.

Stanley: Well.  I was pouring over my sweet mama’s recipe books looking for the most scrumptious recipe I could find to make for the SCCBDC!

Me:  <Interrupting> The SCCBDC?  Hmmm  Okay, yes. I got it.

Stanley:  <wink-wink>   We southerners also like our acronyms.  Now try to keep up, would ya? 

Me:  <laughing>  Yes.  Okay.  I’m sorry.  What did you end up baking?

Stanley:  I found my mama’s recipe for Brown Sugar Bacon and Beer Chocolate Cake!  Yuuummmmmmyyyy!  Makes my mouth water to just say the name! 

Me:  Oh wow!  I’m drooling too, just hearing the name!  I bet you won with that recipe.  Did you?

Stanley:  Oh yes!  Not only did I win for our region, I won the whole dang national thing!   I was crowned the Southern Cookie, Cake and Bacon Delight’s Frog King!

Me:  Oh my!  Be still my heart.  That’s wonderful Stanley!  Wow!  I am so surprised.  Will you share your mama’s recipe?

Stanley:  I might.  <pondering, while he tapped his fingers on his cheek>  Yes, I just might.  But in true southern fashion, “What have you got that’s equal to trade?”   

Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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