Stanley Shares About Love and Fireflies October 4, 2020

 October 4, 2020

Sunday’s on the Porch with Stanley
Me: Hey Stanley! It’s so nice to see you.
Stanley: Top o’ the morning to you too, my dear!
Me: Oh my. You’re certainly sounding chipper this morning. What’s happening in your world?
Stanley: I’m enjoying my coffee out here by the fire. It’s nice and toasty.
Me: I’m glad you’re happy Stanley.
Stanley: It reminds me of love.
Me: Really? How so?
Stanley: You know the parts about the fires of love putting a glow in your heart. <giggling>
Me: Oh, yes. <smiling> That is such a lovely thought.
Stanley: And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, your whole body glows!
Me: <laughing> Yes. I’m afraid to ask for more details here, but I do see where you’re going with this. You must have had a “warm, possibly fire-y, er, glowy” night?
Stanley: Oh yes. I did. And I owe it all to the fireflies!
Me: The fireflies? Hmmm. Well, I can see how that could create a very romantic setting. I love seeing them at dusk, dancing and playing all over the yard. They are so beautiful. It sounds like you got to enjoy them too?
Stanley: Oh yes! Saturday night‬ is date night you know. Me and my lady had a wonderfully romantic evening. We spread our blanket out under the trees and the crickets came by to play music for us. The fireflies really seemed to enjoy the music too! The whole evening was just yummy!
Me: It sounds lovely Stanley! I’m so glad you all enjoyed yourselves.
Stanley: Well, if you could have seen me and my lady dancing last night under the moonlight, you’d have been in awe! Our bodies glowed so much we lit up the whole backyard!
Me: Oh! Oh, I see. Hmmm And, so when you say yummy, you don’t mean that you and your lady just had a wonderful and enjoyable evening watching the fireflies, right?
Stanley: Well, it was enjoyable. <wink-wink>
Me: Oh my!


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