Night Sounds with Stanley August 16, 2020

 August 16, 2020

Sunday’s on the Porch with Stanley
Stanley: My goodness! It’s about time you got out here! What did you do? Sleep in?
Me: Well, good morning to you too Stanley. It’s so nice to see you this morning. You seem a little bit grumpy?
Stanley: You’d be grumpy too if you had to put up with all the noise going on all night like I do! I can’t believe you don’t hear it!
Me: I always love the quiet at night out here and the night sounds usually put me to sleep.
Stanley: <indignant, with hands on his hips> Night sounds! Is that what you call this? All the racket out here makes me crazy! I can’t believe it lulls you to sleep.
Me: Maybe I’m missing something. What kind of noises are you talking about?
Stanley: The cicadas!! There must be millions of them out here! All that buzzing and clicking and building a crescendo on one side of the yard only to stop abruptly while another builds on the other side of the yard! I don’t know how anyone could sleep through that.
Me: Ah! I see what you’re saying. Maybe it’s all about perspective, you know? I love the sounds of the cicadas. That’s actually what’s lulling me to sleep. I find myself breathing in and out with them. It’s very calming.
Stanley: So you’re saying it’s about perspective? You are suggesting I breathe in and out with them??? Possibly hear them as a beautiful night symphony?????
Me: hmmm. Well, yes. That might help you sleep.
Stanley: You say hmmm. I say hummmppff! Not happening.


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