A Rainy Day and a Kerfuffle October 11, 2020

 October 11, 2020

Sunday’s on the Porch with Stanley

Me: Hi Stanley!  How come you are sitting out here in the rain?  And where’s your sweat suit?  Aren’t you cold?

Stanley: lol And a good morning to you too!  Lots of questions!  Where do you want me to start?

Me: Why are you sitting in the rain?

Stanley: You forget my dear, I am a frog.  A most extraordinary frog, I admit, but a frog indeed and we frogs love rain. I took off my sweat suit, so it wouldn’t get wet.  There’s probably nothing worse than a wet sweat suit sticking to your body.  Would you agree? 

Me: <laughing>  Yes, that doesn’t sound too comfortable. 

Stanley: And, just to be clear, this doesn’t apply to all wet things. Some wet things I like wrapped around my body. 

Me: Oh really?  Like what?

Stanley: Like my lady, the Frog Queen.

Me: Oh, right. <blushing> And how is your lady, the Frog Queen doing?  I haven’t seen her around lately.

Stanley: She’s been very busy with all the littles.  Helping them decide on their Halloween costumes and assigning tasks to the community for food stuff preparations.  You know we’re all a bunch of foodies, right?

Me: Oh!  So you all celebrate Halloween?  Do the littles go trick-or-treating?

Stanley: They do, but we call it Give It UP-or-Be Eaten.

Me: Oh my!  Well that does sound like fun???  I think?  And, I’m guessing you have to do a lot of prep to have foodie favorites for the whole critter community, right?

Stanley: Righty-O!  That’s what my lady is doing.  Helping coordinate the treat recipes and working up the volunteer schedule. 

Me: Oh wow! That sounds like a big job! 

Stanley: You have no idea!  It’s tough to schedule the right combination of volunteers to work together and not put any critters together that might be tempted by the others.   Know what I mean?

Me: Oh yes. <nodding my head> I can see how that could be a problem.

Stanley: And, we also have to watch out for those more cunning and wily critters who can replace their own arms and legs at ease.   They love to put little surprises in the treats they are making.

Me: Eeeeewwwwww!  That’s so gross.  So someone might get a little treat with an extra arm or leg in it?

Stanley: Yup!  You got it sister! Some of us find those little surprises to be tasty!  <wink-wink> But for the rest, you should hear all the brouhaha when that happens!  Oh, the uproar, the hue and cry, the pandemonium, the hubbub, the donnybrook, the hullabaloo, the argy-bargy!  It causes quite a kerfuffle.

Me: I don’t even know how to respond to that Stanley. 


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